How To Pose For Your Wedding Pictures

Your wedding photos are something that you will cherish forever, and you want them to be perfect. You found the perfect wedding photographer, and you look amazing, but how do you pose to make sure that the pictures come out perfect and not awkward? Continue reading to learn a few posing tips for your big day.

Use Your Engagement Photography Session as Practice

Practice makes perfect, and posing for photos isn’t something that most people do well naturally. Use your engagement photography session as a time to get comfortable together in front of the camera and practice posing.

During this session, you can try out different poses that you may want to do on your wedding day, and you will be able to see how they turn out in print. Your engagement photos are important, but they are not as important as you wedding photos, so there is more forgiveness if you don’t get that perfect shot.

Pose How You Are Comfortable

Your photographer will have you do different poses in order to help you get pictures that you love. You may even have your own ideas to try. Remember one thing though: if your photographer is asking you to pose a certain way and you are really uncomfortable, scrap that pose. You probably won’t want it anyway because it will be clear you are uncomfortable.

Try to Forget About the Camera

The most natural shots are ones in which you are not looking at the camera. They do not look posed, and they have the ability to really capture the moment. These photos quickly become everyone’s favorites.

Therefore, the best thing you can do is to forget the camera is there and get lost in the moment with your love. Act naturally and let everything else fade in the background. The resulting photos will be spectacular.

Leave the Fake Smile at Home

A fake smile can be spotted in any photograph and you don’t want to look anything but happy and in love on your big day. If you are like most people and have trouble genuinely smiling on command, laugh a little before the shot and you will get a much better smile.

You can also think of what a happy day you are having and how much you love the person beside you to get that award winning smile to shine.

These tips, along with a great photographer, such as from Daniel Michael Photography, will help you get amazing photos of your wedding day that you will cherish forever.

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