How Professional Event Planners Should Consider Going Green

Avoiding harsh impacts on the environment has become an important issue for people on every level, especially when it comes to businesses using many products every day that could end up in landfills. For event planners, taking care of the tents you use and considering new uses for rental tents that have become too worn out to rent out is important to avoid making a negative impact on the environment.

Extending The Life Of Your Rental Tents

Getting the most service out of a rental tent, such as from, is important for making a profit off of them and for helping to lower your environmental footprint. Taking the best care of your tents is one way you can keep them in use for longer periods of time, thus eliminating the number of tents you toss out. A high quality event tent is not cheap, so caring for it following these steps will also help to save you money on purchasing new tents for your event planning business:

  • Cleaning: Cleaning a large tent can be challenging, especially if it was at a kid’s birthday party and a cake fight took place inside it. You can take your large tents to specialized companies that wash tents, or you can spread out tents on a large tarp and clean them yourself. However, machine washing is recommended for providing washing that is also dried properly. Special chemicals are used to clean event tents to support a longer tent life.
  • Proper Storage: Never store your party tents until you are absolutely sure they are completely dry. Moist areas on tents can become mildewed during storage. If your tents do come out of storage with a spot of mildew, cleaning it with products formulated for mildew removal is best.
  • Repairing damaged tents: Taking the time to inspect your tents after every rental is important. Making necessary repairs can be done at your business using products like liquid vinyl and patch kits. Keeping a repair kit on hand with products to fix tears and other tent damage is a good idea. Be sure to include patching tape of various colors and sizes in your kit.

Old Tents Ready For Retirement

While taking the best care of your tents does help to extend their life, the time eventually comes when they are simply too old to use. Instead of throwing old tents away, finding ways to re-purpose them is better, especially when it come to the impact that vinyl has on the environment when in landfills. Many people have uses for large pieces of vinyl. Putting ads in the newspaper can help you find homes for old tents. You might also think about recycling companies that use old vinyl for making new products like messenger bags and purses.

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