A Boudoir Photo Album And Flowers: The Perfect Anniversary Gift For Your Husband

If you are struggling to come up with the perfect anniversary gift for your husband, consider doing something out of the box for him this year. Instead of giving him the traditional candies and other anniversary knick-knack gifts, partner with a boudoir photographer to create a truly special gift for your husband.

Understanding Boudoir Photography

The word “boudoir” is used to refer to a private space, such as a bedroom, dressing room, or sitting room. Historically, women have used the term to describe such private places.

Boudoir photography refers specifically to photography of women posing in lingerie in suggestive poses. The focus of boudoir photography is on the artistic nature of the image. Boudoir photography is supposed to showcase females looking sexual in an artistic manner.

Types Of Boudoir Photography

Not all boudoir photography is the same. There are different types of boudoir photography. You can choose the type that best fits your personality and your relationship with your husband for his gift. Here are a few of the different styles of photography sessions you can choose from:

  • Glamour: A glamour photo shoot focuses showing you looking as glamorous as possible. You can wear any type of dress up clothing that makes you feel fabulous. Often times, glamour boudoir photography tries to bring to life an old type feeling of style and sexiness. Think sultry glances while standing around in an evening gown and pearls type of shoot.
  • Pin-Up: Don’t think of modern day pin-ups. Instead, picture the type of pin-ups that women sent to the front lines during World War II. The type of pictures that make you look sexy, show a little bit of skin, but leave a lot up to the imagination.
  • Intimate: If you really want to get vulnerable and straight to the core of your sexiness, you want an intimate boudoir session. Think lots of pictures of you in lingerie in your bed or pictures of you in various stages of getting undressed. These photos are to show that deep side of you, your longing and your beauty.

Once you choose the type of boudoir photography you want to do, all you need to do is hire a photographer who can create that style and whom you feel comfortable with. 

Then, turn the photos they take into a photo album, and give the gift to your husband on your anniversary. Pair them with a small bouquet of flowers that match the cover of the book. If you used specific flowers in the shoot, pair it with those. It is those little special touches that will show him how much you care.  He will love these special and private photos that you had taken just for him.

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