40th Birthday Bash Ideas In San Diego: 3 Great Picks

It used to be that you would get a bunch of black party décor and depressing looking streamers to celebrate someone’s big 40th birthday, but the times are changing. Instead of trying to make a 40th birthday party seem like something sad and grim, people are now celebrating their 40th birthday parties with themes, festive events and more.

Turning 40 years old means you are barely halfway through your life, and there are tons of things to do in San Diego. If you are trying to plan the perfect 40th birthday party, and you want to celebrate a long life ahead, here are some great adult party ideas to consider.

Casino Trip

Taking a bus trip or planning a special night out at a local casino is a great way to celebrate. You can enjoy fine dining, different types of shows and entertainment, gambling and more. Guests can choose to stay the night and make the party last as long as they want, and there are many great party décor options for a casino themed party. This is a great way to get together with a large group of people during any season throughout the year, and you don’t have to constrict them to one area all night.


Take a riverboat cruise with friends when the sun is ready to set. You can enjoy adult beverages, music, beautiful scenery and more. Some riverboats have shows and gambling on board, and others just have bands or a disc jockey to provide music along with a meal. The riverboat is perfect for the outdoorsman that loves the San Diego bay.

Mystery Dinner Party

Did you love the game Clue growing up, or do you like shows and books that are mysteries? If so, have an entertainment company come into your home and do a murder mystery dinner party. By the end of the meal you will all be accusing each other of being the guilty person, and the game will keep you on your toes all night.

There are many great ways to celebrate the fact that you made it to 40 years old, and that you have a lot of years still left ahead of you. These are a just a few of the many great options you can pick from in the San Diego area, and it’s always easy to get transportation or shuttles to the places you want to go.

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