Margarita Machine Rental And Party Planning For Employee Appreciation Day

It’s employee appreciation day, and you’re looking for a way to truly celebrate the staff. You’ve heard that a margarita machine rental is a cool (literally) centerpiece to any office party – or, at least a few very vocal employees have let you know. Now that you’ve decided to spice up the festivities with a frozen drink machine rental, it’s time to plan the rest of the day! With fruity frozen drinks as the focus, why not create a party that goes along with a tropical, resort or island theme?

To get the party started, you’ll need to add a few festive touches to the office break room. Don’t worry, set-up is super-simple. Check out these tips for turning your office, break room or conference area into a magical margarita-filled getaway.

Load up on lights.

Transform your space into a beachy resort with strands of twinkling lights. Hang strands of rainbow-hued lights that are left over from the office holiday party. Take the theme up a notch and use margarita glass-shaped twinkle lights or strands that look like chili peppers, flowers or flip-flops.

Lots of lanterns.

Hang a few paper lanterns from the ceiling. You don’t have to light these (as it could pose a fire hazard) to use them as party décor. Go for bold island colors, such as beach yellow, ocean blue or lime green.

Tons of tiki.

Again, you don’t need to use real fire to add a boost of themed décor to your office festivities. Place tiki torches in your party space or add them to potted indoor plants. Instead of a flame, go with battery-powered LED lights. A candle-shaped LED light gives off a soft shine and may even ‘flicker’ like the real thing.

Flower power.

Add a bouquet of tropical flowers, or place a few indoor potted plants, in the party room. If you don’t have real flowers, make your own. Cut bold colors of tissue paper and craft together your own DIY version

Streamer solutions.

Stay with the island-themed color scheme, and twist together blue, pink, yellow and green streamers. Another option is to make your own fringed party décor. Cut stripes into pieces of colorful paper, stopping about one-inch from the top. Punch holes in the top sides of each piece of paper, and tie them together with vivid-colored ribbons.

Your margarita machine rental, such as from Brain Freeze Events, is the first step in creating a relaxing and fun beachy party – at work. With a few simple steps and some creative decorations, you can transform your plain office space into a relaxing resort for an awesome employee appreciation day party.

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