Unconventional Wedding Reception Venue Ideas

Even if you’ve chosen to go traditional with a white dress and a veil and a church ceremony for your wedding, you can still get creative with your reception venue. Your wedding reception should be just as fun for both you and your new spouse as it is for all of your guests, so choose a celebration space that reflects your personalities and passions. 

If you and your bride- or groom-to-be have any of the same interests, such as artwork or vintage movies, use them as the starting point when trying to decide on an off-beat reception location. Get creative and think outside of the country club or hotel conference center.

Here are some unconventional wedding reception venue ideas to get you started:

1. A Rural Barn

If you and your spouse-to-be are hardcore country music fans and love everything rural, consider throwing a celebratory hoedown in a local barn. You can either use one on a friend’s or family member’s farm or reserve a barn that is an event rental space.

Keep it country-yet-classy by hanging romantic, twinkling string lights and candle-filled lanterns from the rafters, and using hand-picked wildflowers as the table centerpieces. Hay bales set up throughout the space become ideal photo backdrops, and the barn’s wide open space is perfect for line dancing the night away.

You can serve fried chicken and fish, along with other favorite comfort food such as gourmet mac-and-cheese and mashed potatoes. 

2. A Historic Movie Theater

Old Hollywood enthusiasts and movie buffs may want to host their wedding reception at a swoon-worthy vintage movie theater, which will work best for small, intimate parties. The former silent movie theaters typically have one screen for showing films, as well as a small indoor event space. Some even feature romantic courtyards, which you may be able to decorate with white string lights, candles and other soft lighting elements. 

Have your favorite movie, or one that you and your new spouse watched on your first date, playing throughout the event on the big screen. As a fun touch, ask guests to come dressed as their favorite silver screen stars. 

3. A Museum 

If you and your bride- or husband-to-be love artwork, you can hold your reception at a local art museum surrounded by your shared interest. If natural history is more your thing, host the marriage celebration among dinosaur bones and other artifacts, which are sure to be conversation starters for guests. Other ideas include children’s, space, aviation and local history museums. 

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