Customized Mirror Crafts

Mirrors are a part of your everyday life, but they don’t have to look ordinary. You can transform a basic mirror into customized home wall decor with some crafts and items that you most likely already have on hand. 

Make the mirror work double-duty by personalizing it to coordinate with your decor color scheme or room theme. Hand-decorated mirrors also make thoughtful birthday, holiday, housewarming, and any other type of special occasion gift. You can decorate the mirrors with colors, small objects and even quotes that you know your friend or loved one is passionate about.

Instead of breaking your gift-giving budget on a pricey boutique-style mirror, design it yourself for a lot less. The project is also very versatile, as you can personalize mirrors of any size or shape.

Here are some ideas for turning a nondescript mirror into a work of art:

1. Framed Mirrors 

The easiest type of mirrors to decorate are the ones that feature a wood, plastic or metal frames. The plain, flat surface provides the ideal bank canvas for your design. If you want to work with a mirror that didn’t come with a frame, consider framing it inexpensively first. Not only is a frame simple to decorate, it will make the mirror look like a piece of art when hanging on a wall.

One way you can personalize a framed mirror is with a hot glue gun and small, decorative items of your choice. For instance, you can create a beach-themed mirror by gluing seashells that you gathered on your last vacation around the frame. To avoid burning your fingers during the project, use tweezers to hold the shells while applying the glue and pressing them onto the surface.

You can create a colorful mosaic look by attaching flat-backed glass gemstones in a variety of vibrant hues all over the frame. If you’re giving the mirror as a gift, use the recipient’s hobby or profession as a decor guide, such as buttons for a seamstress or faux flower tops for a gardener. 

2, Circular Mirrors 

One way to make a ordinary round wall mirror look festive is by framing it with a wreath. Choose a pine or grapevine wreath that features a circular opening that is slightly bigger than the mirror, and it hang it over it so that the glass shows through. 

You can decorate the wreath with craft items that reflect a specific holiday, such as sprigs of holly berries for Christmas or faux, spring-inspired blooms for Easter. 

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