About Heidi Brewer

My name is Heidi Brewer, and I enjoy writing about art and how it influences people and cultures all over the world. Art is the heartbeat of a culture, and understanding the artistic history of a society is the same as understanding how that society has grown and changed over time.

Art includes physical works like sculpture and painting, but it also encompasses music, literature, dance and other forms of self-expression. Some cultures that have a tradition of repressing free thought. It can be described almost entirely by the art that is created by the individuals living in that culture. When people are not free to speak their minds, their thoughts and feelings must come out through creative means. We can truly see what people were going through by studying their art.

Art is meaningful for what is reflects and what is reflected by it. Artwork gives us a peek into other cultures and influences who we are as a society ourselves. Art has the power to bring people closer together and to make statements about our greatest purposes in life. Art is used to worship at religious temples and to celebrate important events. The significance of art on our lives cannot be overstated.